Measures for IUU fishing prevention, control to be strengthened

The National Steering Committee on Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing Prevention and Control on July 13 held an online meeting with representatives of 28 coastal localities to discuss measures to continue to combat IUU fishing. Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, head of the committee, chaired the meeting.

Binh Dinh's Vice Chairman Nguyen Tu Cong Hoang (standing) is delivering a report at the online meeting on July 13

According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien, after nearly four years of implementing IUU prevention and fight measures, Vietnam’s efforts have been recognised by the EC. The commission has lauded Vietnam’s goodwill, cooperation, transparency and honest in providing and exchanging information on the results of IUU fishing prevention and control measures.

The ministry will strive to cut at least 40 percent in the number of fishing vessels committing violations of foreign waters in 2021 and completely end such violations in 2022.

In Binh Dinh, according to the reports delivered by the province’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Tu Cong Hoang, the relevant issues have seen positive outcomes. So far, vessel monitoring systems had been installed in all fishing vessels with length from 15m. However, since early this year, Binh Dinh has still seen 16 vessels violating foreign waters.

Deputy PM Le Van Thanh reiterated Vietnam’s determination to reduce the number of fishing vessels committing IUU fishing and end the violation by 2022 so the European Commission will remove its Yellow Card. Mr. Thanh stressed the importance of law dissemination so fishermen change fishing habits and become aware of their violations in order to comply with fishing regulations.


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