Picturesque coastal road in Binh Dinh

The 118 km-long “tourist road” runs through fishing villages, popular landscapes and historical cultural relics in Quy Nhon, Hoai Nhon, Phu Cat and Phu My.


The section at Tam Quan Bac ward of Hoai Nhon town, where there are Tam Quan fishing port and thousands of fishing boats.

There are long coconut trees running along the road in Hoai Nhon.

Local authorities of Hoai Nhon said that the work helps to expand the town to the sea, contributing to the socio-economic development, particularly tourism promotion.

The 1.3 km-long section at Bau Ho eco-lake makes a unique natural landscape.

Lo Dieu Monument, a zero-number wharf, where various no-number ships carrying weapons from the North to the battlefields in Region 5 during the anti-American war.

Lo Dieu rock reef, which is 80 km far from Quy Nhon, is a well-known destination for tourists.

Travelling along this route, visitors will be able to enjoy the curved beach.

A temple dedicated to the national hero Nguyen Trung Truc is built at Cat Hai commune of Phu Cat district.

A “wind farm” at dawn in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone.

The road connects different tourist sites, including Linh Phong Temple and Trung Luong camping site.

Binh Dinh is expected to finish the construction of the coastal road by 2025, with the total capital of more than 7,5 trillion VND.


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