A couple with desire to promote Binh Dinh cuisine in Da Nang

With their special love for Binh Dinh Province’s cuisine, the couple of Ngo Thi Tran Chau, 33, and Phan Van Thuong, 31, has opened a restaurant specializing in Binh Dinh cuisine in Da Nang and is nurturing a dream of expanding their restaurant business citywide.

Chau is a native of Da Nang, whilst Thuong comes from Bong Son Ward, Hoai Nhon Town, Binh Dinh Province. During her visits to her husband's hometown, Chau is always impressed with the distinctive flavours of local specialties such as ‘banh hoi’ (flat rice vermicelli), Binh Dinh-style ‘banh xeo’ (sizzling pancakes), Binh Dinh-style ‘banh day’ (vermicelli), ‘nem chua’ (fermented pork roll), and shrimp ram. Therefore, Chau and her husband decided to promote these dishes in Da Nang.

Starting a restaurant business with zero experience

In December 2020, ‘Tiem Nha Cam’ made its debut on Facebook, now known as Meta, to sell some Binh Dinh specialties such as ‘cha bo’ (grilled beef roll), ‘cha heo’ (grilled pork roll), ‘nem chua’ (fermented pork roll) and shrimp ram. The intention was to consider that whether the taste of Da Nang people are suitable for Binh Dinh-style dishes or not.


The couple of Ngo Thi Tran Chau and Phan Van Thuong want to promote Binh Dinh specialties in Da Nang

Thanks to the warm reception of customers, in late April 2021, the couple began to come up with the idea of ​​opening a restaurant to introduce more Binh Dinh specialties to Da Nang residents.

Due to the impact of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Tiem Nha Cam’ restaurant was officially open to the public in November 2021.

Nestled at 8/16 Phan Boi Chau Street in Hai Chau District, the 50m2 venue has both indoor and outdoor seating areas. It was renovated from a previous coffee shop with an initial investment of about VND100 million. Most of the stages of renovation, construction and decoration are done by Chau and his wife.

The restaurant is designed in a minimalist style with the main colour of white, wooden door frames, transparent glass, and many green trees, all bringing guests a dreamy space of Da Lat City.

Elevating traditional cuisine

Currently, a variety of Binh Dinh specialties are made available at ‘Tiem Nha Cam’, including ‘banh hoi long heo’ (rice vermicelli cakes with boiled pig's intestines), ‘cha ca’ (fish cakes), Binh Dinh-style ‘banh xeo’ (sizzling pancakes), Binh Dinh-style ‘banh day’ (vermicelli), ‘nem chua’ (fermented pork roll), and shrimp ram.

All handmade dishes, fish sauce used to make dipping sauce, and shallot leaves used to make shallot oil mixed into the aforementioned dishes are transported from Binh Dinh Province to Da Nang by coach every early mornings in a bid to keep their traditional taste intact. In addition, Chau and her husband also changed a bit in the side dishes with the desire to elevate the flavour of main dishes.

When introducing ‘banh day’ to us, Thuong said that, at first glance, this kind of food will look like vermicelli, noodles or stir-fried pho due to its long fibers. However, when enjoying it, you will be impressed with special taste of the dish which is a natural yellow colour (normal vermicelli is often white). The dish is harmoniously combined between the simple aroma of rice and shallot leaves, a little bit of fat from roasted peanuts, and hot chili and sour from the dipping sauce.

For Bong Son residents, ‘banh day’ is only eaten with raw vegetables of all kinds and sweet and sour fish sauce. However, at the ‘Tiem Nha Cam’ Restaurant, this dish is accompanied with charcoal grilled meat to increase the flavour of the dish. Or with ‘banh xeo vo’, visitors to the restaurant can try this dish with boiled intestines instead of boiled pork like the locals often do.

An average of 25-30 orders (including dine-in and takeout services) are placed in ‘Tiem Nha Cam’ every day. The restaurant is especially attractive to office workers and young people.

“My wife and I plan to open our own restaurant chain in the near future. All the restaurants will share the same style from design to food, services, etc to gradually shape the brand name" revealed Chau.

Source: baodanang.vn

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