Binh Dinh province makes effort to preserve national cultural heritages

As many cultural heritages and relics are slowly deteriorating, Binh Dinh province is working to renovate and preserve its heritages. Binh Dinh plans to combine its renovation work with the development of tourism.

In the heart of Quy Nhon city, Dao Duy Tu Prison and its collection of historical artifacts attracts lots of visitors, especially students. Mr. Dang Van De of the Managing Board of the prison said repairs and upgrades to preserve the relic are crucially important.


Dao Duy Tu Prison in Quy Nhon city. (Photo: VOV)

“The prison is a popular place for students to learn about the Vietnamese revolution. But the relic site is badly deteriorated and in need of immediate renovation,” said De.

According to the Binh Dinh Department of Culture and Sports, the province has more than 130 ranked relics, including two special national monuments and 34 national-level monuments, most of them need some help.

Recently, the provincial authorities asked relevant ministries for financial support for renovation work between now and 2025. The province plans to renovate and restore special historical and cultural relic sites, architectural works, and other cultural heritages.

Mr. Huynh Van Loi, Deputy Head of Binh Dinh province’s Department of Culture and Sports, said, “We have assigned Binh Dinh Museum and Quang Trung Museum to manage their own facilities. We have also prepared to allocate State financial resources to the renovation work in accordance with the Law on Cultural Heritage.”

Source: VOV

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