Relic preservation requires all-out efforts

Different programmes on managing, preserving, and upholding tangible cultural relics in Binh Dinh have proved effective, contributing to the relic preversation and promoting the tourism development in the province.

According to Binh Dinh Museum’s Director Bui Tinh, relevant bodies also coordinated together to carry out many scientific activities, such as archeological excavations of Champa towers, Hoang Da citadel or Sa Huynh-Truong Xe relic.

The Canh Tien (Fairy Wing) tower in An Nhon town) was upgraded to serve tourists.

“An electronic map of 80 relics and ruins in the province was also developed,” Tinh said. “The museum upgraded other facilities and organized extra curricula for local students”.

According to the statistics, Binh Dinh has 133 recognized relics, including 2 of special national magnitude, 34 of national magnitude and 97 of provincal magnitude.

However, due to their locations, the preservation is facing many difficulties and this requires the functional bodies to make all-out efforts to preserve and uphold their value.

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